Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I want for Christmas is memories!

Who knew? Just who knew that in 2011, technology would have changed so much that it would control my memories?  Actually, the technology is being controlled by a photographer but I am still a slave to it.  All I want for Christmas is memories from my daughter's wedding this year.  One little hard plastic disk with data.  Data that has magically embedded four hours of one day in October 2011 that cannot be relived or recreated.  I'm not a very sentimental person either but I would love to have the pictures from my daughter's wedding. But I want you to know, if we don't get them, I'm still a very happy, sorely disappointed, handicap!  My emotions run deep today and it feels better to talk about them. :)

On a lighter note, with faint kidney stone pain and everyone present and accounted for, we opened our gifts this morning.  I got things I've been wanting, a blow dryer, an iPhone car charger, Sydnee happily married, the new Bill Clinton book "Back to Work", a nice stand mixer, a successful gallbladder surgery for Sloane and money.  I'm already reading the Steve Jobs biography and I'm figuring that when I finish both books, I'll be able to use my Apple "i" products to solve the current world economic crisis!  I got Steve a Cracker Barrel rocking chair, maybe he'll have it put together by the time he retires! lol 

I hope each of you create a memory or two of your own this Christmas.  We are all blessed beyond comprehension in our least favorite moments.  I don't really even like pictures but the day of my daughters wedding, I was so busy making sure everything was going correctly (being Tammy) that I didn't really "enjoy" the day, I was managing it without a thought that we would still be picture-less 10 weeks after the wedding.  Pictures are nice but I've learned a valuable lesson.  Don't rely on them to enjoy and reminisce big events in your life.  Breathe in each moment you live embedding your own data or images into your brain and then you can random access them whenever you choose, even without a power supply.

Merry Christmas,
The Happy Handicap

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