about me

Hello. I'm Tammy. I'm a mom to seven humans, granmom to three precious girls, two sweet boys and one canine. Six kids? Well, not exactly. Two lovely daughters, my parents (I'm an only child), two sons-in-law and my husband. My husband should count as two because he was successfully transplanted with two new lungs on October 7, 2020. My awesome long-haired dachshund's proper name is Herman but we call him Hermie. I live for my faith and my family. My business card should read “She cares for rare diseases to common sniffles and sneezes!” 
Life, in general, is humbling. Forrest Gump’s momma said it best “You just never know what you’re gonna get.” I’m trying to live a life done well according to scripture. Writing about faith is my passion. I hear from heaven and write it down.  I use common, every day experiences to grow my faith. I call it Jesus in the details. I hope to help you grow your faith too!
Brandon, Sloane and Arden

Our youngest daughter, Sloane is an Elementary Music Teacher. Brandon and her have five years of wedded bliss under their belt. Meet the newest blessing to our family, Arden Rose. 

Josh, Sydnee, Jackson, Cooper,
Lisette and Milisende

Sydnee, our eldest daughter, is a Middle School Teacher. She is married to Josh. They are the "new Brady Bunch" with two boys, Jackson and Cooper, of his and two girls, Lisette and Milisende, of hers. 


I can't forget another member of our family, Hermie our long-haired dachshund. He just turned 14 years old. He sleeps alot! He's so sweet...

The rest of our story is so fascinating, I put it to paper and bound it. You can find it here. 


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    Loved reading about your fam & I look forward to reading your story.
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