Sunday, September 4, 2016

Should You Say the Word "Hell" to Your Pastor?


VBS Week 2016 was July 31 - August 4! I love the anticipation, the energy and the fun before and during VBS. I almost enjoy the tiredness from a week well spent too.....almost. If you participate in Bible School, you know what I mean. This year, like last year, my girls and I were assigned the Kindergarten Boys class. We had eleven boys! 11 boys! E.L.E.V.E.N. B.O.Y.S.! After this week, I knew more than ever God does not make mistakes. I have two girls, one granddaughter and another granddaughter due in October. I'm suspecting my younger daughter will have girls also if and when she has children.

These boys were full of male DNA which makes them run and jump off of everything, have wiggle worms in their pants, pay attention only when they want to talk, explore all the room decorations to the point of destruction and melt a girl's heart like only a guy can. I'll admit it was rocky the first couple of evenings. The craft teachers voted me "Most Likely to Need a Xanax" and the music teacher (pictured) "blessed me" all week. When the pastor asked how it was going, I replied "I'm ready to get out of VBS hell!". My husband told me that was probably not appropriate so I'm hoping he thought I said VBS jail. His face told me otherwise. Should you say the word "hell" to your pastor?

I always, always, always receive inspiration and blessings at Vacation Bible School. Here's what I got this year:
  • One little lad announced unexpectedly we should pray RIGHT NOW! He led the sweetest and most humble prayer ever that caused Sloane to say "He prays better than me!". 
  • Directly after the awesome prayer, a little one raised his hand and politely explained "I don't know how to pray". This touched my heart so much we devoted lesson time the next day to "How to Pray".
  • An aunt of one of the boys told me how impressed his mom was with our class. He went home each day giving a detailed account of the Bible stories. I was excited to hear it because she's a school teacher!
  • Lisette, my granddaughter, obviously loved the story of Zacchaeus. She keeps saying "Jesus is coming".  After asking my husband several times "Do you see Jesus? He's right over there.", he got a bit unnerved.
  • I wore my hair down the final evening. I actually put on some mascara too. The same boy who prayed kept looking at me and raised his hand to speak. "You look beautiful today!" he said with dreamy eyes. I said "THANK YOU!" all heart-eyes.
Pure preciousness! A few simple actions erased all my hellish thoughts. These boys and I gained a great rapport in five short days. They amazed me with their answers each night. They made me want to teach VBS again. They engraved themselves on my heart. I love these little boys. Next year, I'm ready for some kindergarten GIRLS!

I'm seriously wondering should you say the word "hell" to your pastor as I did? Leave me a comment and let me know if saying "The Word" to my pastor was inappropriate....

Blessed at VBS,
The Happy Handicap.


  1. Since it was used in context of location, it was not inappropriate. He has used the word in messages if he's preached about not going there. Had it been used like '**** no!' then probably inappropriate. Ha!

    1. Hi Sharon! I agree with your thinking. I felt alright about saying it until my husband said otherwise. I was referring to a place. :)