Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mom-ism Monday #16

wizard of oz scarecrow

My Mom always says I don't have any common sense. I'm beginning to believe her. As I age, I find I do weird things, can't remember nothing and generally complete tasks differently than I used to. I even said mom-ism #16 about myself last week!

I've never known exactly what "If you had a brain, you'd set up with it!" means but I deduct it means, If I had any smarts, I'd be so proud, I would sit up in amazement with my brain? Take it however you like. The old saying is funny! Have you heard it?

Some of the frequent things I do that causes me to wonder if I have a brain:
  • Hunt my glasses when I have them resting on my head
  • Freak out because I've lost my cell phone and I'm talking on it
  • Put something up so I'll know where it is and can't find it
The other day I was cutting out letters to sew my granddaughter's name on a table runner. I threw the letters I had just cut in the trash while cleaning up. This made me wonder if I have a brain anymore!

wizard of oz scarecrow

Leave me a comment and share one absent-brained thing you do!

Setting up,
The Happy Handicap

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