Friday, November 6, 2015

Nobody Comes


Rana Elyse Mashburn (12/03/1997 - 10/22/2015) continues to impact my life daily. I followed her recent journey with HLH from Day 1 - July 13, 2015. The calendar makes her journey seem short. Rana's courage and words make her journey everlasting.

I read this note written by Rana shared by her mom on September 24th. (Please take a moment to read the entire passage if you did not already.)  I felt the anguish Rana was experiencing trying to understand and cope with the situation, her circumstances. Hundreds of miles from home in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, except her Mom. Her words won't leave me. "Nobody comes." 

You and I know what Rana meant. People were coming. I saw visits posted on facebook. She knew people were coming also. Those closest to her were there every possible time they could be. Her mother never left her. I believe Rana was sad because her extended family and friends didn't visit her for whatever reason. It was a critical time in her life. She knew more than us. She couldn't wait.

God used Rana's words to show me his heart. He said, "She's right. Nobody comes." As I began to ponder the phrase, the magnitude of  "Nobody comes" enveloped my mind and sank into the depths of my heart. Jesus shares...

Every time people worship me in public places, those closest to me are there every possible time they can be. I am sad because those who need me as Savior, those who have accepted me but not totally dedicated their lives, those who have turned their back on me, those who say they know me but don't, those I died for never comes. Nobody comes. My Father has never left me.

It is a critical time in all our lives. Praise God. Jesus waits... 

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  1. Yes, praise Him that He never walks away even when we don't show up...a beautiful picture, Tammy , thank you.