Thursday, August 6, 2015

Coming Clean: my Secret Addiction

finding nemo
James 5:16 Confess you faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteousness man availeth much. 

Lisette and I watched Finding Nemo yesterday. Do you ever feel like Bruce? He's the shark that loves to eat fish. My favorite scene in the movie is when he confesses his addiction. Hi. My name is Tammy. I'm addicted to eating at midnight or after. Seriously! I wake up every night and simply cannot resist the urge to eat. I started this bad habit with my first pregnancy 28 years ago! I still cannot control it. And, it's mostly sugary perfection. 

You're probably thinking don't buy yourself treats or don't make them, right? I'm that smart. But, don't you just love a warm, crispy toasted piece of fresh bread with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon on it? I do! Yes. I'm that pathetic midnight snacker you see in commercials or movies ransacking the pantry or fridge for food. I've actually woken up with crumbs on my clothes that I don't know how they got there. I'm confessing this to you so maybe I can stop this insanity.

I'm thankful and surprised I'm not overly overweight. That's my body with Bruce's head in the picture. Eating at midnight is terrible for my digestive system. I feel awful the morning after. I'm allergic to sugar and most food chemicals. The allergic reaction causes baggy, saggy eyes. I wrote a blog entitled 5 Tips for Problem Eyes hoping I'd follow my own advice. Nothing has worked so far. Just last night I ate seven or eight little chocolate donuts after midnight. I made it all better by washing them down with water. I can't walk to exercise due to my disability so minimizing food consumption is the only way I have to control my weight. 

My bad habit probably seems silly to you. Midnight snacking is extremely frustrating to me. Embarrassing even. I could probably be a cat burglar I've become so good at sneaking in and out of the pantry so my husband doesn't catch me. I know he knows! One night I was in the pantry with the door closed, my daughter and her boyfriend came home from a date settling into the den to watch TV. I was trapped in the pantry for three hours in my t-shirt and undies. There was no way I could get past them without being seen in my shirttail. I'm surprised they didn't hear me laughing at myself and then almost crying when the reality of being a 51 year-old-woman trapped in a pantry controlled by my own sugar vices struck.

As James 5:16 instructs, please pray for me if I cross your mind. I would love to be healed of this mind game.They say "mind over matter", but it's more like "mind wrapped around a Twinkie and won't let go"! I'd appreciate your tips on overcoming habits/addictions if you've successfully done it. Reply to this email or email me at Confession is good for the body and soul.

Feeling crumby,

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