Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Sang a Song with Warren Buffet

Pampered Chef National Conference 2015

Sloane and I attended, for our first time, the Pampered Chef National Conference 2015 in Rosemont, IL just outside of Chicago. The excitement of the general session soared when Warren Buffet took the stage to play the ukulele and sing "Happy Birthday" to founder Doris Christopher. That's the day I sang a song with Warren Buffet! Did you know he owns Pampered Chef? He recounted his story of buying the company 14 years ago. Mr. Buffet attended his first Pampered Chef Kitchen Show where he participated in an apple peeling contest and lost! He says "I didn't buy the apple peeler/corer that night. I bought the company!" Needless to say, I was impressed with his insight and wisdom but overwhelmed with his humble yet charming kindness. His message is "Love what you do and who you do it with."

During the sessions with the executives of Pampered Chef, I felt like endeared family. I attended the conference with my typical cynical attitude thinking I'd skip the workshops and general sessions, as I usually do with all conferences, because nothing would be of value. WRONG! First time ever I sat through every last second of the conference sometimes on the edge of my seat and sometimes out of my seat on my feet! What was so special about this conference? The people! Doris Christopher is a jewel! So humble although so rich. Her eyes dance like a kid at Disney World full of wonder at what she's created. Rightfully so!!! There were 3500 attendees. She has touched so many lives.

The close of the conference brought tears as consultants shared their stories of free vacations, how the opportunity has changed their lives and how their friend invited them to join their team. Every testimony ended the same thanking their friend saying "We're glad you ask!" More consultants and their friends were spotlighted sharing their incredible stories. Doris ended the conference with her team surrounding her at an empty kitchen table, looked into the camera with genuine caring and said "There's room at the table for so many more!" Gave me chills. Don't just take my word for it. Watch the moving video here.

I learned many things to apply to my Pampered Chef business but here's the biggest takeaway I got from the conference...

Am I sharing the opportunity of Jesus Christ with everyone I can? Will I have people that stand up after they take their free trip to heaven and say to me "I'm glad you ask!"

We were given a mantra for recruiting into the business. "There's a recruit at every show but is there a recruiter?" It made me consider this. "There's a seeking soul at every show but is there a witness?"

Luke 22:29-30 Jesus says, "And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father appointed unto me; that ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom..." Jesus also said in John 21:12 "Come and dine..."  I got the message. Did you?


#Happy Spoon,
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