Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Make your Living Room look like You Paid a Decorator

I started with my inspiration picture...

Ever drool over the beauty of a room in a magazine? You wish your home looked like that but just don't see how it could be possible. You're not a decorator?  Oh, YES YOU ARE and here's how to do it! I've listed 10 simple elements to spot and copy to get that decorator look you've always wanted. Set your inner decorator free!

TIP: Be sure when duplicating a room setting that your room is similar to the one you're lusting over. For example, compared to the picture above the similarities in my living room are:

  • the fireplace
  • TV over the fireplace
  • window to the left side of the room
  • open space to the right
  • similar room shape; square to rectangle-ish
  • wood flooring
  • a multi-light chandelier

Let's get started with 
 How to Make your Living Room Look Like You Paid a Decorator! 

I'll explain each of the numbered elements in the room that I recreated. (Please refer to the numbered picture above.) These are the things that attracted me to this room setting:
  1. Black Fireplace Mantel. The black accent in the inspiration room is a powerful statement color which according to HGTV, never goes out of style. I painted my mantle black leaving some white to resemble the fireplace in this picture. 
  2. Wall Color. I selected Valspar Aspire paint from my local Ace Hardware store. The color name is "Fog Rolls In".
  3. Black Bookcases. I positioned mine on the outside wall due to lack of space on my fireplace wall. Feel free to make some modifications when needed confidently knowing you'll get the same end result. I bought tall, skinny bookcases from You can find them here
  4. Bright White Ceiling. I've always used an off-white ceiling paint but this time I chose a brilliant bright white to mimic the ceiling in my inspiration room.
  5. Black Light Fixture. My existing chandelier is simply gorgeous after two coats of black glossy spray paint. I'm excited about upcycled chandeliers. Check out another one of my projects here.
  6. Striped Accent Fabric. Two wing back chairs boldly add a striped statement to my room. Again, take some liberties and don't think you have to be so exact. I didn't have a place for benches beside the fireplace so I embraced the stripe with accent chairs instead.
  7. Gray Sofa. My search for a gray sofa left me exhausted and unsuccessful. I went with a natural earthy beige fabric sofa. I found mine locally (and the rest of my furniture) from Cochran's in Ringgold, Georgia. Their selling point was Laura Bush has five in her home. The selling point for me was comfort!
  8. Orange Throw Pillows. Love, love this accent color. Got my orange pillows!
  9. Artwork. Everything I found similar to the inspiration room was too pricey for my budget. I decided on a homey, modern feel with wooden signs.
  10. Warm Vibe. The ambiance of the inspiration room invites me to come in and sit down. My goal was to recreate a warm, welcome room using all the elements that inspired me.
You tell did I do?

Taken at Christmas
Love how the fixture turned out!

My "Laura Bush" sofa and new wall pieces
I like my living areas roomy and airy. I love the inspiration room but it was a bit too cramped with furniture and fixings for my minimalist taste! Plus, my hubby has to have his recliner.  I reused my coffee table and accent tables. I'm VERY pleased with the results. My room is calming and peaceful, enjoyable to relax in. I fall more in love with the wall color every day.

I'd love to know what you think. Leave me a comment. Please share with a link or photo a room makeover you are proud of!

Feeling like a decorator,
The Happy Handicap

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