Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why "Daylight Savings Time" is Better than Getting a Tooth Pulled

Ughhhh! "Daylight Savings Time" again? Seems like we just fell down, well... fell back in November and here we go again, springing forward. I don't like monkeying around with the time. Do you? Why can't we pick one way and leave it? I hear what you're saying, "If you don't like it move to Arizona or Hawaii." Don't
sound like a bad idea, now does it?

tooth pulled
Just so you'll feel good about the morning after, lest I remind you "Daylight Savings Time" is better than a lot of things.  I picked one we probably all hate to show you what I mean. Who likes getting a tooth pulled? Really? Weirdo! Nobody likes pulling teeth! Here's a few chuckles to enjoy while adjusting to the time change from day this forward.

"Daylight Savings Time" is better than getting a tooth pulled because...

hole in my head
  1. You don't have to take a shot to numb your mouth to stand it although you may want a shot of whiskey for a few days. Numbness optional!
  2. You don't have to hold your mouth wide open until your jaws hurt although you may feel like screaming until they do.
  3. You won't have to "let any blood" for it although it may be fun to attach some leeches to some people to lessen your pain.
  4. You won't have a hole in your mouth from it although you'll feel like you've been sucker punched.
  5. You won't have a bill to pay from it although you'd gladly buy back that precious hour of sleep.
Monday morning when we're all struggling with the time change, grumpy and murmuring obscenities under our breaths, remember this and be happy. You are...


Looking forward to Spring,
The Happy Handicap

Disclaimer: No animals or people were harmed during the making of this blog. 

Leave me a comment and tell me what you hate about going to the dentist!

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