Friday, August 3, 2012

My aluminum cans had to say "Cheese"!

I need to read the paper more!  We get two local newspapers, one daily and one weekly, but I never pick them up except to get the coupons on Sunday.  Boy, was I surprised when I went to my nearest recycler and they had closed their doors....something about new laws.

Anyway, Sydnee and I proceeded to our next nearest recycler, Springplace Community Recycling to get paid for our cans.  I knew I needed my license and of course couldn't find them when I arrived.  I had misplaced them in my wallet after I took them out to vote last Tuesday (I'm getting tired of all this gub-a-ment stuff)!  I was a new customer at this recycler and I had to have my picture taken for identification purposes.  I wouldn't mind being featured in a recycling magazine representing model environmental citizens, especially since they took my picture, I just wish I looked better on recycling day.  My recycling day is every Thursday and I'm taking new customers if anyone is interested.  $5 per week pickup fee.  You must separate the recycling though by paper, plaskic, glass and aluminium.  Let me know if you want to.

These new laws require the recycler to take a picture of what I brought to recycle.  This doesn't make much sense to me because this is what my recycling looks like.....

I coaxed my trash bag into smiling for the pic by tickling it and asking it to say "Cheese" and he/she seemed to like the photo shoot!  Now, I'm not the smartest bird on the wire but I could be recycling used body parts, mary jane or maybe even cocaine and who would know?  Governor Deal passed a law that he obviously didn't think through.  I hope my picture doesn't end up on "America's Trashiest Recyclers"! Because if I had known I was auditioning, I would've worn my Daisy Duke shorts so more of my fabulous legs would be seen.

Other parts of the law now requires recyclers to pay with check instead of cash.  Aluminum is the only cash product now because it can't be regulated? Springplace Community Recycling had to walk to my truck and get my tag number themselves because if I gave it to them and the gubament finds out, they can be fined up to $250 per vehicle.  I understand rules and regulations and that theft is trying to be detered but what good is a picture of a trash bag?  The law also states that recyclers can only purchase metals from "certain" other individuals.  Who does that include?  There's not too many people who are "certain" about anything these days!

My motto is "It's ordinary waste with extraordinary purpose"!  I encourage everyone to RECYCLE.  Let's keep something green!!!

Can't wait to see my proofs,
The Happy Handicap

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