Friday, July 15, 2011

to friend or not to friend?

Great Friday morning everyone! I've had this question rolling around in my head for a week!  It reminds me of Shakespeare's "to be or not to be?" that is the question.  So let's talk about it!  It is a soliloquy because when Hamlet speaks it he is alone onstage.  I feel alone sometimes even when I'm with something or someone that I call a friend! 

Here are some examples:

Mmmmmm chocolate cake !  Should I friend this chocolate cake or not?  My mouth loves chocolate cake!  It's not so good for the rest of my body so when I'm eating it, I have a good time but afterward, I wish I hadn't!  I really shouldn't keep any of this in my house, because it doesn't sit innocently in a cake plate.  No!  It is calling my name incessantly, wanting my attention and friendship.  Only problem is, I don't get anything in return but a sweet, empty feeling.

Ahhhhhhh credit cards!  Should I friend these little magic plastic cards or not?  My buying habit loves them but my checkbook isn't loving them when the bills come!  Now, unlike the cake, these might actually be able to get me out of bind or help me pay for something if I friend them wisely or if I control them.  Maybe I should have one or two of these because they are less demanding of my attention and add value to my life!

Ohhhhhhh the medicine cabinet!  Should I friend my pills or not?  If you have any kind of medical condition, you need your meds.  They enable you to live a longer, improved life.  They may actually give you some life where without them you might die.  Antibiotics cure an infection, anti-inflammatories help your body remove inflammation that hurts and pain relievers can be a Godsend when used, not abused. 

The question is "to friend or not to friend", the answer is "yes, be a friend to all".  The examples I've used are exactly some of the people we encounter everyday.  Like chocolate cake, we meet people that may be sweet on the surface but leave us with a bitter taste in our mouth.  Like credit cards, we meet people that may help us but they are always calling in their debt and just like meds, we meet people that make us feel good on a daily basis 

The next time you meet someone new or maybe someone you already know, you can see them as cake, credit or medicine.  You can actually select the people you want to surround yourself with.  Everybody needs friends and everybody wants to be friended.  Just be careful and make sure you're a good friend.  You don't want people to view you as cake or empty satisfaction.  You might or might not want them to view you as a plastic credit card, offering them more buying power.  You want them to view you like medicine, something they need everyday, critical to their health and in most cases, can't live without!

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