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Bree writes: I bought this book at a ladies retreat where I was fortunate enough to hear Tammy speak. I love her book, it is a very fast read, and it makes it very clear how much she loves God.
Daisy Anne shares: Tammy's story of her life is written with transparency. I grieved over the various trials she encountered, whether it was her fear of ridicule and teasing by her peers, or the pain from her deformity. She expresses her fear, pain, insecurities, mistakes in life choices, and her parents insecurities and apprehensions.  She is never hesitant about giving God all the honor and glory in her life. The miracles that happened to her, people that came in to her life "at just the right time" were not accidents, but God given appointments.  Through her dramatic emotional story, I have a better understanding and can relate to a person that has a handicap.  Tammy's story is encouraging, uplifting, transparent, and deeply personal.  In the last chapter she shares the reason for writing her story which gives the book a mission task, she felt compelled by God to share her story.
Louise says: This book is a must read. This family's strength and Faith is amazing. I loved reading her book and the way she helps you to understand and relate to her journey, she just has a way with words that warms the heart.


Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God

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First paragraph excerpt:

Darkness, miserable and pitch black.  Darkness yearning desperately for a flicker of light to prove hope exists.  Misery ushered in on a day that should’ve been one of the happiest in my parent’s lives.  A darkness so black it was if I had licked my tiny thumb and forefinger and snuffed out the only candle that lit the room.   I have just been delivered in a small community hospital in northwest Georgia.  If I could speak I would ask “Mommy, do you love me?” 
My memoir, Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God answers that question. Go with me on my journey from darkness to light, desperation to hope...
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